V-8 Massaggio Endodermico<br />5 RulliI + Infrarosso + Radiofrequenza bipolare | ItalianoV-8 Massaggio Endodermico<br />5 RulliI + Infrarosso + Radiofrequenza bipolare | IngleseV-8 Massaggio Endodermico<br />5 RulliI + Infrarosso + Radiofrequenza bipolare | Francese

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Apparecchiature Massaggio Endodermico V-8 Massaggio Endodermico
5 RulliI + Infrarosso + Radiofrequenza bipolare

V-8 Massaggio Endodermico<br />5 RulliI + Infrarosso + Radiofrequenza bipolareV-8 Massaggio Endodermico<br />5 RulliI + Infrarosso + Radiofrequenza bipolare

V-8 Massaggio Endodermico
5 RulliI + Infrarosso + Radiofrequenza bipolare



Art. BGVSAF002

The V Mini is one of the rare and effective equipment, able to perform both body and face treatments, with single or simultaneous actions, combining several functions at the same time. It is an endodermic treatment, which allows to treat in a natural way all the alterations of the connective tissue in the aesthetic or therapeutic field, expressly studied to eliminate the imperfections of cellulite, reduce localized adiposity following the demolition of calcified fat, temporarily minimize stretch marks, reduce wrinkles, bags, firm and tone atonal tissues, for example: undercoat, abdomen and hips, upper and lower limbs, bringing a remarkable remodeling.

On areas affected by cellulite, intense lipomassage is obtained through the action of special motorized rollers, a solution, in combination with a defocused infrared laser beam and radiofrequency, creating a lipolytic action of the fat cells and stimulating the circulation in the affected area, which increases significantly, promoting lymphatic drainage, detoxifying and remodeling the locally treated tissue. This is done using the handpieces which are equipped with a display and integrated controls, for easy control of the functions in play and greater comfort of use. In the treatment of localized tissue flaccidity on the abdomen, arms, legs, undercoat, breast, using the handpieces a vascularization action is exercised by sucking, the laser up to the dermis, is a firming of the tissues through radiofrequency, creating a toning and smooth effect in areas affected by cellulite, thus reducing the unsightly "orange peel" effect of the skin. In the treatment of wrinkles and stretch marks, we intervene with the H4 handpiece, which acts to vascularize the tissue and stimulate the production of collagen with lasers and RF. Tissue responses to interaction with laser radiation and radiofrequency consist of normalized epidermal reconstruction, thermal retensioning of residual collagen neocollagenesis. The success of the results is confirmed by numerous clinical studies and scientific tests now consolidated in the use of the combined energies present in the device, from these endermological, to the action of the infrared laser at 940 nm to that of radiofrequency.

BIPOLAR RADIOFREQUENCY Heats the surrounding tissues in depth to reduce fat cells, acts only on the portion of skin aspirated, thus increasing the effectiveness and safety even in the treatment of the periorbital area.

ENDERMOLOGY Increases blood flow and facilitates the metabolisation of fat for the treatment of the body, increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood.

ROLLERS AND VACCUM ROTATION The use of specially designed rollers in the H1(motorized),H2(fixed) handpieces allows the RF to penetrate up to 2/3 cm. At the same time, the vaccum associated with the mechanical action of the rollers, stimulates and relaxes the connective tissue, dissolving the subcutaneous fat, as well as reactivating the microcirculation; it accelerates the metabolism and reduces the size of the subcutaneous fat with considerable remodeling of the silhouette.

Specifications Device Type V- Mini Schape Display : 10.4 Inch Color LCD Touch Screen Available handpieces : 3 handpieces with 5 heads Large handpiece Body with 2.4 inch display Medium handpiece Body with 1.9 inch display Small handpiece for small areas with three heads Controls : Parameter adjustment split both from handpiece and Display equipment Surface treated : 4 x 7 mm - 6 x 13 mm - 8 x 25 mm - 30 x 44 mm - 40 x 66 mm IC Card : Control with rental minute card Power supply : 230 V +/- 10 % 50 Hz +/- 1 Hz RF Radio frequency : 1 Mhz IR Diode : 940 nm Max IR Power : 20 W Energy density : Max 60 J cm 3 Power consumption : max Absorbed 350 VA Roller speed : Adjustable from 0 to 36 rpm Negative pressure ( suction ) : 1 - Absolute value : 80kPa - 10kPa (60.8cmHg - 7.6cmHg) 2 - Relative value : 20kPa -90kPa (15.2cmHg - 68.4cmHg) Vacuum use mode : Continuous and pulse adjustable from 0.5 s to 7.5 s Dimensions Open : 51 cm x 40 cm x 83 cm Dimensions Closed : 59 cm x 40 cm x 39 cm Weight : 32 Kg Storage temperature : Min. 5°C/ Max. 40°C Ambient temperature: 10°C - 30°C

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V-8 Massaggio Endodermico<br />5 RulliI + Infrarosso + Radiofrequenza bipolare

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