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Apparecchiature Laser Diodo 808 Laser diodo lunghezza onda 810
Spot 12x12 mm

Laser diodo lunghezza onda 810 <br />Spot 12x12 mmLaser diodo lunghezza onda 810 <br />Spot 12x12 mmLaser diodo lunghezza onda 810 <br />Spot 12x12 mmLaser diodo lunghezza onda 810 <br />Spot 12x12 mm

Laser diodo lunghezza onda 810
Spot 12x12 mm




The 810 nm diode laser represents the new frontier of definitive hair removal entrusted to laser technology. The equipment in fact generates a laser beam of a particular wavelength (810nm) able to cross the skin and be absorbed by the pigments of the hair inside the hair bulbs, with consequent increase in temperature and final destruction of the germination cells of the bulb itself, thus obtaining the effect of permanent hair removal through the principle of selective photothermolysis the laser diode that equips the machine has been specifically designed for final hair removal.

The diode is in fact optimized to ensure the maximum stability of the laser at a frequency of 808nm which is the best wavelength to hit the chromophore melanin The pulse duration of 400 msec has been developed to treat also patients with phototype VI, according to Fitzpatrick. The useful surface of the spot also allows a good penetration of the laser beam into the tissue (scattering effect).

The area to be epilated is cooled before, during and after the release of laser energy by means of a sapphire crystal placed in the handpiece through a contact system, this feature makes possible the treatment of sensitive areas with less risk of side effects and less discomfort for the patient, without underestimating the advantage of having additional costs for cryogenic means of other nature. Among the salient features of the instrument is also the conformation of the handpiece which, in addition to cooling the skin, allows a slight pressure of the treatment area.

APPLICATIONS Hair removal: the superfluous hair of the arms, legs, lips, or part of the body. Eliminates pigments, deep color nerve, varicose vein, voglicutaneous (medical treatment).

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Device Type : Laser 810 Aesthetic Use Display : Color LCD Touch Screen 8.4 Inch.

The importer, the distributor disclaims all civil and criminal liability for improper use of the equipment.


EPILFIBER 810 nm (fiber optic laser) is the innovative technology dedicated to permanent progressive hair removal entrusted to diode laser technology. The equipment distributes more evenly the heat generated by the laser beam at the specific wavelength of 810nm ensuring greater efficiency and selectivity. The result is amplified by a sophisticated fiber optic conduction mechanism and a special cooling system that allow respectively a greater depth of action and a longer life cycle of the source in terms of spot (about 25 million). The handpiece is thus lighter and easier to handle, making it easier for professionals to use.


- Type Laser diode laser coupled with optical fiber - Length: 810 nm
- Energy density: 40 Jfcm2
- Pulse:10 - 300 ms

- Emission frequency:1 - 10 Hz
- Spot size 12 mm x 12 mm
- Control system: Computer-controlled, display indication of energy, frequency, duration, pulse
- Absorption power: 1800 W
- Type of cooling: Water circulation and air cooling
- Net weight: 30 Kg
- Dimensions: 390 x 300 x 300 mm (W x D x H)

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Laser diodo lunghezza onda 810 <br />Spot 12x12 mm

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