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Apparecchiature Radiofrequenza LIFT X Radiofrequenza Monopolare + Bipolare

LIFT  X  Radiofrequenza Monopolare + BipolareLIFT  X  Radiofrequenza Monopolare + BipolareLIFT  X  Radiofrequenza Monopolare + BipolareLIFT  X  Radiofrequenza Monopolare + BipolareLIFT  X  Radiofrequenza Monopolare + BipolareLIFT  X  Radiofrequenza Monopolare + Bipolare

LIFT X Radiofrequenza Monopolare + Bipolare


Radio frequency instrument used in facial beauty treatments. Ideal for firming the skin.
Equipped with two handpieces and 7 heads.

Anti-aging treatments, especially for the eye contour, face and neck, are increasingly in demand.
With radiofrequencies, skin rejuvenation is carried out in a natural, pleasant and harmless way, both for women and men.

In eyelid and periocular eye surgery, radiofrequency scalpels are widely used,
for the delicacy of the cut, only a few years ago the advantages of beauty treatments with radiofrequencies were highlighted,
a non-invasive technique, as there is no skin ablation as for other methods, nor administration of drugs and chemicals.

Compared to "fillers" and botulinum toxin, always with the same aim of reducing periocular and facial wrinkles,
radio frequencies seem to be preferable because of their wide use in the 30 to 65 age group, as well as their excellent tolerability and results free of risks and side effects.
They allow to obtain a non-surgical lifting with a collagen remodeling action, acting deeply on the skin,
by stimulating fibroblasts to produce new collagen, which replaces the aged one, smoothing out wrinkles and resulting in a more toned and radiant face.
Once stimulated, our cells remain active in the production of young collagen, so that the effects
benefits last about a year, but you can maintain them for much longer with simple maintenance sessions.

So with Radiofrequencies it is possible to intervene on blemishes.
around the eyes, face and neck and hands, resulting in a harmless and natural skin rejuvenation.

The aesthetic results with the ablative techniques used up to now are proportional to the aggressiveness of the treatment,
resulting in an almost never three-dimensional lifting effect, without going deep, with side effects such as pain, hardening or loss of elasticity of deep tissues.

What is radio frequency and what you get

With the new radiofrequency technology there is an important innovation, as a non-surgical facelift is achieved by treating tissue laxity with a collagen remodeling action.

In practice, thanks to the property of high frequency electromagnetic waves that produce heat passing through our skin,
it stimulates the activity of the fibroblasts present in our body to produce collagen, which is the substance that is produced to a lesser extent with age,
and is responsible for the formation of wrinkles, loss of skin tone and skin aging.
Therefore, the radiofrequency treatment is an excellent non-surgical procedure, as it acts on the collagen fibers causing
an immediate contracture in the deep dermis, down to the muscle fascia, with the effect of pleasant firming
and a greater tonicity of the skin around the eyes, face and neck, smoothing out wrinkles and folds.
Small wrinkles are eliminated, while wrinkles and deep wrinkles are reduced considerably;
the skin appears more compact and firmer, eliminating all the skin aesthetic problems related to skin slackening.

In particular, the treatment with radiofrequency is indicated for :

attenuating wrinkles
restoration of skin tone
remodeling of localized adiposity
reduction of cellulite nodules
stimulation of surface microcirculation and cellular exchange
stimulation of the lymphatic circulation
elimination of stasis swelling

Who is recommended the radio frequency

It is indicated in cases of skin laxity as it reduces it, resulting in a stretching effect similar to a facelift,
between the ages of 30 and 65. In particular, it is suitable for treating the following defects:

Facial wrinkles, crow's feet, relaxed cheeks, wrinkled neck, flabby skin, poorly defined facial contours,
obvious nasolabial folds, relaxed neck (turkey neck), ptosis of the skin, acne results, wrinkled hands.

Possible side effects and contraindications

The radio frequency does not present any kind of contraindication, except for pregnant women and pacemaker patients.
It is free of side effects and is not painful.
The only sensation that is felt is a non annoying heat localized to the treatment area and a more or less mild redness of the skin, which disappears after a few hours.

Immediately after the treatment you can resume all normal activities without any problems;
in the United States it is called "lunch therapy", or lunch break treatment.

Unlike other therapies, radiofrequency can be practiced in any season of the year, as it is possible to expose oneself to sunlight.

Treatment duration and effects over time

The duration of a single session shall not exceed 20-30 minutes in total. The entire treatment, depending on the case, requires a cycle of 7-10 sessions,
including a few maintenance sessions to be carried out at a distance, depending on the orientation established by the operator.
This treatment is part of the natural regeneration processes of our organism, as the increased production of collagen is a part of the natural regeneration of our body.
occurs thanks solely and exclusively to a response from our body.
Unlike other techniques, no foreign substances of a chemical nature, drugs, etc. are administered.
It can work together with other treatments, since the administration of moisturizing substances and anti-aging creams increases in effectiveness if radio frequency is practised at the same time.
The first results are already visible after the first treatment, as the skin appears firmer and more toned;
the maximum result is appreciated around 5-6 months, as it coincides with the moment of maximum collagen production.
Since it is a natural response of our organism, it requires some booster sessions at the end of the cycle.

In order to carry out the treatment, it is sufficient that the patient arrives in the clinic without make-up and, before the treatment, gets rid of metal objects such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc..

The doctor will make the right assessment of the patient's expectations, a careful analysis of the periocular area and skin and, like any medical surgical treatment, specific informed consent is required.
As this is a non-aggressive medical treatment, the results obtained are similar to a traditional surgical lifting, but not overlapping.

A gel is applied to the area to be treated, which has the function of making the instrument handpiece slide better, cooling the skin and optimally transmitting the electromagnetic wave.
Moisturizing creams or similar products are used at the end of the treatment.

The results are positive in 80% of cases, while in 20% of cases the improvements may be less evident; in all cases it is totally harmless, i.e. free of side effects.
It is interesting to note that the part of the subjects who do not show an obvious improvement,
actually obtains it in the quality of the skin or in the reduction of skin laxity, with increased luminosity accompanied by greater turgidity and compactness.


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