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Apparecchiature Galvanic Current MAIA GAL Galvanic current

MAIA GAL Galvanic currentMAIA GAL Galvanic currentMAIA GAL Galvanic currentMAIA GAL Galvanic currentMAIA GAL Galvanic currentMAIA GAL Galvanic currentMAIA GAL Galvanic currentMAIA GAL Galvanic current

MAIA GAL Galvanic current



MAIA GAL Art. H2401

Iontophoresis: improving the penetration of cosmetics
Cataphoresis: soothing efect after microexfoliation.
Anaphoresis: decalcification is essential for the cleansing treatment of the skin surface.


What is it?

It's a painless, non-invasive facial treatment. They are used at the same time,

two probes with different polarities that generate a low intensity current flow between them.

What's that for?

It is used on skins
clean and dry to perform descaling or ionisation (penetration) treatments.

Depending on the selected polarization and the treatment to be performed, it is

it is necessary to apply a lotion of a certain PH to achieve vasoconstriction (release of subcutaneous and

fat deposits) or vasodilation (product penetration, cream or lotion applied).

Our equipment

Maia Gal has 2 probes
double "stick" and 2
roller probes that can be applied to the face at the same time, without the patient having to hold any elements.

You can select the polarization of one of the probes by using the other one.
with the opposite polarity.

The equipment allows you to select from three different skin types: very sensitive, sensitive and normal.



Length: 28 cm

Width: 17 cm

Height: 11 cm

Weight: 1,95 Kg

Power: 20 W

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Voltage: 85-265 V

- Double rod probe

- Roller Probe

- Timer


- Selection of skin type: very sensitive, sensitive and normal - Ion conduction selection
- The patient should not hold any electrodes
- 9 power levels


- 2014/30/EU EMC - 2014/35/EU LVD - 2011/65/EU Rohs

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MAIA GAL Galvanic current

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