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Apparecchiature Skin Analyzer Skin Analizer
- Fotocamera digitale

Skin Analizer<br />- Fotocamera digitaleSkin Analizer<br />- Fotocamera digitaleSkin Analizer<br />- Fotocamera digitale

Skin Analizer
- Fotocamera digitale



Art. BGSALD001

- 1/1.7'' CCD digital camera
- Fluorescent tube life >9000H
- Lighting 8,800 lux
- Heat temperature 7200K

- Minimum hardware requirements to verify

The skin analyzer can accurately detect both epidermis and dermis problem, such as the amount of skin spots in the epidermis, density, pore amount, density, wrinkles and roughness of the skin, as well as deep skin pigmentation, acne, moisture state. In addition to accurately detect and analyze skin damage caused by poor quality cosmetics, UV light or sun.

It is an effective and necessary assistant for beauty salon, skin clinic and the perfect tool for cosmetic companies. Magic Mirror skin analyzer makes the skin lactating on the skin have enough evidence, through accurate skin analysis and comparative images of before and after treatment, it is non-surgical and non-invasive, the client just need to sit in the chair and close the eyes and put everything face to the right place, then shoot the operator shot, only 2 seconds can finish taking the picture, 3-5 minutes can complete the whole analysis, after analysis, then the system will generate the report automatically, accurate and fast, can be a really perfect skin tester .

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Skin Analizer<br />- Fotocamera digitale

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