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Apparecchiature Skin Scrubber MAIA EXFO Skin scrubber

MAIA EXFO Skin scrubberMAIA EXFO Skin scrubberMAIA EXFO Skin scrubberMAIA EXFO Skin scrubberMAIA EXFO Skin scrubberMAIA EXFO Skin scrubberMAIA EXFO Skin scrubberMAIA EXFO Skin scrubberMAIA EXFO Skin scrubberMAIA EXFO Skin scrubberMAIA EXFO Skin scrubber

MAIA EXFO Skin scrubber



MAIA EXFO Art. H2201

Ultrasound device for skin treatment

Ultrasonic vibration atomizes and purifies the water applied to the skin

thus causing the desquamation of corneal cells and the expulsion of impurities from the pores.

for a really deep cleansing of the skin.

What is it?

It's a painless treatment
and non-invasive hygiene and facial regeneration. To do this, a spatula is used that acts with a high-frequency vibration
and with which exfoliation and facial massage are performed.

What's that for?

It is used to obtain an exfoliation and deep cleansing of the face. It removes impurities from the pores and dead skin cells, eliminates

the blackheads and excess fat and brightens and unifies

skin tone. It also helps to stimulate collagen synthesis and promotes skin regeneration.

In addition, by reversing the position of the spatula we perform a vibratory massage, which helps to penetrate the cosmetic products applied in the treatment and improves its effects.

With this treatment two functions are performed: exfoliating the skin in depth and improving cell regeneration.

Our equipment

Maia Exfo works with an ultrasonic frequency of 25kHz-27kHz and thanks to the 6 piezoelectric sensors included inside the spatula, it allows 8 hours of continuous work. It has 3 types of working wave: continuous, discontinuous and pulsed.

SKIN SCUBBER is the only facial treatment that offers you three unbeatable performances

It cleanses and smoothes the skin deep down.
It intervenes effectively and specifically on blemishes.
Helps to reactivate skin function.

SKIN SCRUBBER technology has three different functions:

1) Cleansing - (scrub effect) accurate exfoliation, homogeneous and deep cleaning to thoroughly remove impurities.
How it works: The strong vibrations generated on the ultrasound spatula sliding on the skin meet the special cleaning liquid in this way it is "washed away" from the skin: sebum, toxic substances, bacteria, cosmetic residues and with the strong vaporization it removes the excess sebum and the old horny layer. The ultrasound "Scrubb" is a kind of peeling that makes the healthy skin bright and beautiful, attenuating even the small discolorations on the face, also prepares the skin to accept subsequent beauty treatments making them more effective.

2) Permeation - active combination of ultrasounds and iontophoresis to convey the active ingredients. The treatment can be personalized according to the imperfections detected.
The Iontophoresis, a method widely used also in the dermatological field, consists in the emission of a weak direct electric current that allows the conveyance of some cosmetic substances effective in fighting the blemish deep under the skin.
The sonophoresis is constituted by the use of mechanical vibrations produced by an ultrasound generator, in order to convey active principles, generally in the form of gel or emulsion, inside the biological tissues (the difference with ultrasound therapy lies in the conveyance of substances rich in active principles). It is a transdermal practice with results of a certain interest.
The main effects of sonophoresis are: to favour the absorption of active principles, to vascularise the treated area stimulating its regeneration, to favour drainage and detoxification.

3) Patting - revitalizing micromassage to boost skin function with a visibly soothing effect on wrinkles.

The treatment allows excellent anti-ageing results on: face, neck, décolleté, eye contour and hands. Each of these three functions lasts about 10 minutes and includes both the preparation and application of the products and the action with the equipment). The treatment lasts over 60 minutes.

It acts on the skin tissue through a new system of ultrasound and ionophoresis emissions for a precise transfer of energy and a better performance of the treatment. Its effective and complete action helps to reactivate skin function with striking results.


Length: 28 cm

Width: 17 cm

Height: 11 cm

Weight: 1,8 Kg

Energy: 20 W

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

voltage: 85-265 V


- 2014/30 / EU Electromagnetic compatibility - 2014/35 / EU Low Voltage Directive

- 2011/65 / EU Rohs

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MAIA EXFO Skin scrubber

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